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Meet the Hole in the Sock Gang

Our memebers are from all over the states and territories, and each one is a character. Set a spell, have a read, and get to know the members of the Hole in the Sock Gang

Big Joe "the Boss" Abernathy
Theres a reason he's called the Boss!
Big Joe is a Founding member of the gang
and a man not to be reconded with.

Clara Jeppeson
Quiet and kind young lady, you have to
keep an eye on her she can be crafty

Cactus Jack
Quick witted and fast on the draw, this
Hombre is one tough cowboy

Wild Jim
Lawman, Bounty Hunter, and sometime outlaw.
You have to keep an eye on this one he is quick
and his aim is dead on.

Not much is known about ol' Snakebite
except that he is one mean cowboy.

Quite simply The Fastest Gun Alive

Bear Tooth Billy
Buffalo Hide Hunter

Widow Anna
The Widow Anna came to town from Colorado.
Married a banker and lived happily for a few
years. Before the elections results for Sherriff
were anounced her husband was shot.
Moments later the new Sheriff was annouced.
Rumored is it was the new Sheriff that shot the banker
for reasons unknown.

Mini Cricket
This young lady is quiet and soft spoken but
don't make her mad! When she skins that One Eyed
Susan at her hip she will make it sing like
a Cricket.

Texas Johnny Ringo
Trying to walk on the straight and narrow, Johnny usually finds himself on the wrong
side of the Law. Just make sure you find
yourself on the right side of his gun, he is a quick draw and a deadly

Little Joe
Thought by most to be a little mad, he has an itchy
trigger finger, as long as he has a safe place to hide.

Don't let this sweet lookin little lady fool you. Besides her many aliases she has a hair trigger
and a Kiss of Death! Beware this gentle looking thing she is deadly.

Backwater Bart
From parts unknown Bart is a mean fella with a meaner aim. Make sure to choose wisely when dealing
this hombre.

Jersey Lily
Sometime lady, sometime Saloon Girl, this little lady is one to keep an eye on.
She has raised some up and take some down with her charms and quick shot. Don't mess with Jersey.

The Traders Abel
You know when these traders come to town you are in for a treat!