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The Hole in the Sock Gang
2018 Calendar
( So Far )

~June 1-3 The Fort Frontier Village Frontier Days- Fort Dodge Iowa
Come out and and join the gang at this Fantastic historical site in Fort Dodge, it includes a Frontier
village and a full 1800s era Fort. It will be a great time for young and old!
~June 30 - McGregor's Landing ~ McGregor, Iowa - 1pm
~August 4th and 5th - Boscobel Living History ~ Boscobel WI
Come and see the history behind the Cowboy Era as well as other times like the Civil War, WWI and WWII and more.
~July 28 - McGregor's Landing - McGregor, Iowa - 1pm
~September 1 - Labor Day Parade and Show - McGregor, Iowa - Parade at 10AM and the show is to follow.
~September 21st-23rd - Plaggmans Barn - Garber, Iowa -
Come on over to Garber and visit Plaggmans Barn for great food, fun a flea market
and of course the shinanigans of the Gang, and when your nice and thirsty
stop by the saloon for a nice cold Root Beer or Sarsaparilla!
~September 22 - Railroad Day- Marquette, Iowa - 11pm
~September 29 - McGregor's Landing- McGregor, Iowa - 1pm
~September 30 - Heritage Day- Fennimore, WI - 11pm
~October 27 - McGregor's Landing - McGregor, Iowa - 1pm

Keep an eye out for additional show dates.
Have an up Coming Event?
Need a little extra for your event?
We can have a cowboy or two walk the town(event) with there best Ladies.
If you would like a gun fight or two let us know (Gunfights are only for outside events).
Email us at BookHoleintheSock@gmail.com