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Book The Hole in the Sock Gang

For your shindig or event. We can bring the whole kit 'n' caboodle or just a few cowboys/cowgirls, Gentlemen
and Ladies depending on the size of your event.
We design and scale our shows for each event. We have many dramatic and/or comedic shows to thrill
and wow the crowds.

No other band of cowboys can hold a candle to the Hole in the Sock Gang's special brand of entertainment.

We will come to your town, rob the bank, steal the horses, make off with your women folk, and
provide a wonderful hog killin' time.


Things to ponder before contacting us:

~ What is the length of your event? Hours? Days? How many shows per day?

~ How many cowboys,cowgirls,Gentlemen, and Ladies would you like to have?

~ Where is event being held? inside or outside?

~ Will BLANK firing guns be allowed? check with local law enforcement if needed

~ What is your budget for this event?

Let's discuss the details - contact us at BookHoleintheSock@gmail.com